Buddhist Retreat Center Torretta
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Retreat in Torretta

Types of retreat
Open retreats lead by experienced people and closed retreats are possible. The retreat group organizes the retreat and arranges for an experienced person (e.g. a traveling teacher). Closed retreats are only possible for those who have previous retreat experience.

Retreat length
The maximum length of open and close retreats in Torretta is 1 week; however, longer stays combining work and meditation are possible.

Advance registration for visitors and retreat guests is always required!
Requests should be made well in advance; at least 4 weeks notice is required.

...are only possible until one week before the course or retreat begins, after that, cancellation fees apply.

There is a heated wooden meditation room (Gompa), two small wooden hut for closed and open retreats and a caravan as well as countless meditation places under the open sky.

Lodging during retreats is arranged on an individual basis.
There is also a wide selection of reasonably priced vacation apartments in the neighborhood for guests who are not taking part in a retreat but who join the evening meditation, a small donation as a contribution to expenses is desired.

Internet access is available via WiFi.

Please bring
a blanket or mat to protect your legs from the floor or the ground outside, a flashlight with new batteries, stable shoes and sleeping bag.

Please do not bring
electrical appliances which use a lot of power, e.g. hairdryers or water kettles. Only solar power is available!

Buddhists in the area
Our one permanent resident, Dieter, is a multilingual German. Other German Buddhist friends live close by.

Please note:
A certain physical form and a certain security are very useful on our old stone terraces. Children require constant supervision by their parents.